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Frequently Asked Questions

We are an existing award holder, assessed by panel assessment, and are now seeking reaccreditation?
Please contact Groundwork UK to discuss the best approach. Call 0161 237 3200 or email

How do I approach the Charter?
Identify a lead employee within the organisation who will champion the Charter and will be responsible for collating the evidence. It is essential that senior management and all staff are engaged in the process.

How do I seek accreditation?
If you are confident that you have met the evidence requirements please complete an application and return to Groundwork UK.

How long does accreditation last?
Accreditation lasts for 2 years at which point if you wish to continue to use the Charter mark you will need to seek reaccreditation.

How much does accreditation cost?
For organisations within Greater Manchester, accreditation/ reaccreditation is currently funded by Greater Manchester Public Health Network. Please contact Groundwork UK who will guide you through the process.

How current does evidence submitted need to be?
The Charter represents an ongoing commitment to the health and wellbeing of your employees. Therefore evidence presented at accreditation/ reaccreditation cannot be more than two years old.

Do I need to provide evidence for all eight themes within the Charter?
To achieve the Charter award you will need to provide evidence to at least commitment level for each theme.

Should I apply for the Charter mark even though I can only evidence commitment level?
The Charter is commonly branded across each three levels of award, Commitment, Achievement and Excellence recognising that the efforts of a small organisation to reach commitment level may be equal to a large organisation reaching excellence. Even for larger organisations, achieving excellence can be a significant challenge and therefore initially seeking achievement level may be a more realistic starting point.

What if our organisation has more than one site?
Larger organisations can seek accreditation for a particular department or site.

However, for a multisite organisation seeking accreditation across the whole organisation, evidence and visits to each site will be needed. The themes of Leadership, Absence Management, and Health and Safety are likely to be common across the organisation and used across all sites. Award level will be based on the lowest achieving site.