Tackling fuel poverty amidst the pandemic

Fuel poverty is an issue every year in the UK, particularly during Winter. It’s the season that’s not quite so merry for many. For our Green Doctor teams it’s our busiest time of the year, when the demand from people experiencing difficulties increases. Usually we plan visits, go out to people’s homes, find them ways of saving money, fit, for free, energy saving devices. So how do we help people when in a pandemic we are unable to arrange home visits?

This latest report demonstrates how.

Fuel Poverty Awareness Day 2020 – Report

As the report points out: “1 in 3 people have been pushed into debt by the pandemic (Turn2Us, 2020) and the unemployment rate is predicted to rise to above 7% by early 2021. This combination is set to see more people pushed into fuel poverty long term.”

There has never been a more vital time for our services.

 Together we can make a difference.