The Good Store opens in London’s west end

This summer, we opened The Good Store, a sustainable department store on South Molton Street, next to Bond Street Station. Located on South Molton Street, a few steps away from Europe’s busiest shopping district, the Good Store explores what sustainable shopping can look like on the high street.

Groundwork London, The Good Store’s parent charity, has joined forces with many established brands, charities, social enterprises, and sustainable start-ups to reimagine the department store for the 21st Century. This unique and evolving space has been created using sustainable materials and equipment donated, repurposed, and recycled. 

The collections include furniture from Jay Blades MBE’s Jay&Co, bags made from broken bouncy castles from Wyatt and Jack, second-hand designer clothes from charity Traid, beauty products made from coffee grounds from Upcircle, and even more. From clothes and accessories to toys, tech, and furniture – the brands that have been carefully selected, offer people a wide range of choices, for any budget and shopping list.

The Good Store is dedicated to giving products a platform to gain a new life to help us all make less impact on the earth and providing an insight into the possibilities of reuse by offering fun, useful, and thought-provoking collections. They will sit alongside familiar and new sustainable brands and goods that are created by Groundwork London’s upcycling and restoration hubs.

All profits made by The Good Store will be put back into local Groundwork projects in London, helping to change places and lives for the better. 

Jay Blades MBE, the co-founder of Jay&Co, one of the iconic brands available at The Good Store said;

“I am thrilled that furniture from Jay&Co was selected to be in the Good Store, a concept store approach that I am fully behind, and hope it becomes a beacon for other retailers”

Wyatt and Jack had this to say;

“It’s great to see a new way of sustainable shopping, brought to the customer in a convenient way under one roof! We’re very proud to be a part of it! “ 

Executive Director of Groundwork London, Lindy Kelly, sees The Good Store as a beacon for more sustainable shopping and living;

“The Good Store is an exciting concept at the start of its journey, with so much potential and promise for the future. Our expertise in environmental and community regeneration places us in a great position to spearhead The Good Store. It offers people the opportunity to explore sustainable living while at the same time promoting a model for high streets all over the country. 

The Good Store is also a great opportunity for Groundwork to showcase our other sustainable projects. Including our community upcycling hubs known as  The Loops, and REWORK, where we train people in electrical engineering and other related skills, refurbishing used white goods. The trainees gain the skills they need to get into work and the refurbished goods get a second life.”

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