Duration: March 2025


The Green Jobs Pathfinder is a partnership between Groundwork and Impax Asset Management developed to support young people aged 18-25 to get started in a career in growing areas of the green economy such as retrofit, electric vehicles or renewables through provision of salaried work placements.

The programme will support young people who have completed some relevant training and qualifications but would benefit from an opportunity to develop work-based experience and confidence. The programme will support employers with bringing in new talent to their business to help bridge the green skills gap.

What we’re doing

We’re supporting nine people between the ages of 18-25 to get start careers in the green economy; delivering training, sourcing relevant work placements and providing on-going coaching and mentoring.

Our employment specialists will deliver pre-employment training which helps ensure participants are ready for their work placements.

Once in work, we’ll continue to mentor and coach young people to ensure they feel empowered to succeed.

At the same time, we’ll offer training and advice to employers which helps them understand the challenges faced by ‘left behind’ communities and enable them to become better equipped for a diverse workforce.

Why we’re doing it

Meeting Greater Manchester’s 2038 net zero target will require significant changes across many areas of the local economy, which will only be achieved if the workforce have the right skills and competencies needed within this growing green economy.

Thanks from our funders

This project has been made possible thanks to support from Impax Asset Management, who support not only the training and in-work coaching but also subsidise wages for the project employment partners.