Adam was working for a signage company as a Junior Digital Marketer on an apprenticeship programme, however, out of the blue, there was a restructure within the company that meant Adam was left without a manager. Without adequate guidance and support Adam regularly felt stressed at work which lead to a deterioration in his mental health and a knock to his confidence.

After ending the apprenticeship Adam decided to go back to college, however, due to a number of personal challenges, he didn’t get the grades he expected, leading to a further knock in his confidence.

Out of work, feeling low and with no real plan for his future working life Adam became isolated was struggling financially and emotionally.

After 8 months out of work and education, he decided to join the Prince’s Trust TEAM Programme which he found out about through the Oldham Job Centre.

Joining the Prince’s Trust TEAM Programme

Adam had some reservations about joining on the Programme as he had felt like he had been failed by different education systems and work environments and didn’t want to go through it again. After meeting the Team Leader and talking through the course, Adam decided to give it a chance because he didn’t feel like he had anything to lose.

When I joined the Prince’s Trust I felt as if I was given a chance where it was about building myself and not building for someone else. I had always been in a position where I was committed for someone else and for the first time, I felt like I was doing something for me. This made me finally realise what I was capable of doing and this lit a fire into me. I was given chances I never thought I would be given, lessons that can’t be taught in general education and that is priceless. It let me realise I am worth a lot more then I valued myself just because I was finally valued as an adult with talent and not a child that slipped through the system.

Next Steps

After completing the 12-week course Adam gained employment at the Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture where he carried out his work experience placement.

As a part time Administrator Adam is busy supporting and training volunteers, creating and facilitating podcasts, creating training materials and resources and facilitating and supporting training workshops.

He commented,

At the end of the day, no matter what you learn, how you achieve it when you go home and rest and look back at what you have completed you will realise. It’s not that deep. Do what you want to do, benefit yourself and make an impact, the Team Leader, Lauren Thompson helped me realise this.