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Our focus is to support learners who are not in employment, education or training (NEET) and who have particular barriers to learning, whether due to the current or previous personal challenges they have faced in life or where they have struggled to achieve in previous learning environments.

Our pre-employment training has a particular emphasis on designing services for those learners with a high level of needs, incorporating personal development and opportunities to understand and grow the behaviours needed for a successful working life, as well as core transferable and vocational skills.

Within our workforce we value empathy and understanding of the needs of our chosen learner groups, including lived experience.

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We believe in the power of collective action and work in partnership with a range of employment teams from the public and private sector to source the support individuals need. We send a monthly email to our partners outlining the free opportunities available at Groundwork, making it easy to refer into our provision.

Prince’s Trust Team Programme

Our Prince’s Trust Team programme provides NEET young people with the opportunities to recognise, develop and demonstrate a core set of skills, attitudes and personal qualities valued by employers across a wide range of sectors.

The 12 week structured programme of learning will:

  • Take learners on a personal development journey focused on building confidence and self- esteem and building their social network
  • Enhance their communication, organisation and leadership skills
  • Enable them to engage with local community projects and initiatives
  • Increase their knowledge of local employment opportunities and gain experience of work
  • Raise awareness of their skills and strengths and prepare them to progress effectively into employment, education or further training
  • Provide an inclusive environment where learners who have not succeeded in school, or have additional barriers to learning and participation, feel welcome and have the opportunities to develop, enjoy and achieve

In addition to our Prince’s Trust Team provision we provide a range of short accredited and non- accredited training provision tailored to meet the needs of particular groups of learners to support a successful transition into employment, education or further training and / or to develop the skills needed to build a career in the current and emerging green economy.

Low Carbon Careers

Our Low Carbon Careers programmes supports NEET young people into careers in the green economy, choosing from either; the natural environment, waste and recycling and an introduction to retrofitting.

Each young person will undertake 3-4 weeks of classroom based learning followed by a 2 week work placement and support into employment by our dedicated employment coaches.

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Examples of our work

Alexandra’ Story

Prior to joining the Prince’s Trust TEAM programme Alexandra had struggled with her mental health for many years, which understandably worsened when her mum was sadly diagnosed with breast cancer.

Aqib’s Story

Aqib joined the Low Carbon Careers course in Rochdale, which was an intense 4 week course focused on helping young people develop a career in the Green Economy. Aqib gained his CSCS card and now works as an Urban Ranger for Groundwork.

Jess’ Story

Groundwork initially started supporting Jess through the prince’s Trust TEAM programme but after the 12 weeks Jess had recognised that she wanted to start a career in construction and moved on to complete the Low Carbon Careers course.