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Green Deal

Green Deal is a key part of the Government’s drive to improve energy efficiency and reduce fuel poverty.

It will enable individuals and businesses to take out loans to pay for energy-saving improvements on their properties. The loans will be repaid through fuel bills in the years that follow. The idea is that the cost of repayments will be matched by the amount saved on smaller bills.

Insulation, more efficient heating, draught-proofing, double glazing, solar panels and wind turbines are all included.

Communication will be a key part of the success of Green Deal. Groundwork is helping the organisations that will be carrying out the work to identify the best ways of reaching the people who will benefit most.

Our status as a charity and our other work in communities facing serious challenges means we are known and trusted. We are not here to sell, but rather to tell what is available and how people can make the most of what is on offer.

Across the country we are working with partner organisations to identify community organisations, community champions and residents who will benefit most from Green Deal opportunities.

We are talking to communities and individuals as far apart as Barnsley, Birmingham, Bristol, Cornwall, Hertfordshire, Leeds, Manchester, Milton Keynes and Wales.

Whether it’s training community champions or making Green Doctor house calls, Groundwork is at the heart of spreading the word about what the Green Deal can offer.

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