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Join the fight against fuel poverty

This winter 6.5 million people in the UK will struggle to find the money to keep their homes warm. Some will be faced with the stark choice of whether to heat their homes or buy food to eat.

Fuel poverty affects a wide range of people, although families with children and those of retirement age living in private rented accommodation are particularly vulnerable. The effects can be fatal – in 2012 there were 31,000 excess winter deaths.

A lasting solution

Green Doctors visit people at risk of fuel poverty and provide practical support will help not just this year, but for years to come. Being in the home means they can provide tailored advice and fit equipment that will have the most impact. It also gives the Green Doctor a holistic view allowing them to spot other ways to help out, often making referrals to other agencies that can provide support with health, security or finances.

Our Green Doctors are already out in communities helping people.

Help them to reach even more people in need.

There are three ways that you can help us, to help people to keep warm this winter.

Write to your customers

We are asking pensioners who don’t need their winter fuel allowance to think about donating it or an equivalent sum (£180?) to charity. This winter, to help charities like Groundwork support households who are fuel poor.
We are asking businesses to write to their customers or company pensioners and ask them to donate to our campaign.
Please support us and join the other businesses who are supporting our work
add logos Rothschild and others
Click here to down load a draft customer/ pensioner letter which you can use

Donate kit
Groundwork’s Green Doctors need kit ;
In an average household we fit twenty five pieces of kit at a cost of £64 per visit. Kit such as reflective radiator panels and hot water tank jackets help lower the energy consumption, saving money and helping households out of fuel poverty.Green doctor kit

We need Visual display units, Draught proofing, CFLs / LED light bulbs, Reflective radiator panels, Hot water tank jackets, chimney balloons, shower head water saving devices and tap aerators

so please click here … get in touch if you can help…..

Each Green doctor visit costs us £150.
Please click here…. To make a donation to support our fuel poverty campaign this winter

Support us
Our corporate partners play a vital role in supporting the work we do.
Supporting this campaign will help your business to;
Build brand profile with your customers and stakeholders as a responsible business and employer. – Your company’s logo will displayed on our national website as a supporter of our fuel poverty campaign and be seen as part of this UK wide initiative reaching national consumers, policy makers and influencers.
Achieve Corporate Social Responsibility and sustainability objectives; we will provide a dedicated team member, who will develop a tailored package which will help your business achieve your CSR objectives, and keep you updated on our campaigns achievements.

For more details on partnership development contact
Sarah Reece-Mills
Head of Partnerships for more details.