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Green Teams

Being part of a Green Team is a great way to learn new skills, gain qualifications and get real experience doing work that benefits the local community.

From grass cutting to woodland management, play equipment inspections to snow clearance, the teams respond directly to issues identified by local people in a swift and professional manner. We provide the tools and support to do the job – and local neighbourhoods and customers see the benefits on the ground. 

Joining a Green Team

Many of our Groundwork Trusts operate Green Teams. To find out if there is one working near you please contact your local Trust.

10,000 people into education, training or employment by 2015. We can do it together.
We're committed to helping 10,000 people into education, employment or training by 2015. We can do it with the help of organisations like yours.

There are many ways you can help:

  • Sponsor a Green Team
  • Offer work experience and jobs
  • Contract a Green Team
  • Donate materials
  • Lend equipment
  • Mentoring
  • Volunteering

Find out more here.