Joan, aged 72 from Rochdale

“It was a great day for me when Groundwork came to my house.

I am 72 years old and live on my own. I have no speech due to having my larynx removed because of cancer. My speaking valves don’t work so I have to use a speaking aid on my iPad to communicate and so cannot use the telephone.

The lady who came to see me was brilliant. She sorted out to get me the best supplier for my gas and electric.

She also came and put reflective sheets behind the outside wall radiators. This made such a difference, especially in the bedroom.

She brought low energy bulbs and put them in every light fitting and lamp for me. This has probably saved me a lot of money.

I just message her when I need some help and she never fails to come and sort it out for me.

She has managed to get me fair prices when I have received letters about price increases and has sorted out changing suppliers when that is the best option to save me money.

She came last week and sorted out my having a smart meter after I received a letter from my supplier that they were changing all their meters. The letter only gave me an option to telephone them so I was so glad I had Groundwork to sort it for me.

I cannot express my gratitude that they are there to give me peace of mind, knowing that any energy problems will be sorted.”

Joan's story - Green Doctor