David, aged 63 from Bury

“Before the Green Doctor came out to see me I felt like everything was upside down and I didn’t know what was what.

I was having massive issues with my energy supplier but found it hard to deal with.

The Green Doctor has been to see me loads and she has helped me a lot.

She has switched my gas supplier which will save me £176 a year.

She has referred me for central heating which will help me keep warmer in winter.

I now have proper heat for the first time in years and I had a hot bath after it was installed and it was wonderful.

I would be in a much worse state if she wasn’t helping me.

She still checks in on me and I can call her if I need anything.

Getting this central heating has also motivated me to do other jobs around the house. The whole house is now warm and even the dog is happier.

I feel a lot better now, Energyworks have made a massive difference to my life”

David's story - Green Doctor