NEWS: Groundwork calls for urgent support for young people

As the government announces its plans to extend the Job Retention Scheme, Groundwork joins calls for a comprehensive emergency support package for young people.

The economic effects of the COVID-19 outbreak will hit young people especially hard: many work in insecure jobs and those out of work will be left further behind as employers rebuild their businesses. Those already struggling in education will have had their studies disrupted and may find it difficult to re-engage in learning or compete in a difficult job market. An emergency response is needed to ensure that this crisis does not scar the prospects of a generation.

Groundwork’s experience of supporting young people into employment demonstrates that temporary job creation and wage subsidy schemes, with personalised support for those with specific barriers, is an approach that keeps young people engaged and motivated while delivering wider social and environmental benefits. Investment in green jobs will help ensure that the impact is sustainable in the long term and that we emerge from the pandemic stronger than we went in.

While they may have less experience in terms of time spent at an organisation, it is young people who will be working in these industries long into the future. It is imperative that we are supported during this time to protect both industry and society’s long-term future. Young people are an investment and protecting us from the economic downturn that lies ahead will have long-term payoffs.

Holly, 22, from Groundwork’s Youth Advisory Board

Groundwork is collaborating with other organisations to explore the immediate and long term impacts of COVID-19 lockdown on the employment prospects of young people through the Youth Employment Group.

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