Groundwork East’s Green Jobs pledge

In light of the upcoming COP26 conference, our Executive Director James Newell has made the following statement about Groundwork East’s commitment to Green Jobs and the climate. 

“Thousands of green jobs need to be created to meet the UK’s climate targets, and here at Groundwork East, we think every job should be green.

“We want everyone to have access to the skills and training to get a green job, so we’re supporting people from all backgrounds, and businesses to develop a greener workforce.

“Based on the Government’s current commitments, there is potential for at least 70,000 additional jobs to be created in nature over the coming years, and we want to be a part of that.

“We’re training the next generation, and those who’ve found themselves out of work and needing to up-skill or retrain, to get into one of those roles.

“At Groundwork East, we pledge to make available five green jobs for 16-25-year olds, plus many more green jobs within our organisation as we grow. We will also be looking to roll out carbon literacy training to colleagues across the organisation.

“So, if you’re an organisation operating in the Green Economy, we can help you to meet your targets, let’s work together to create a better and greener future.”

-James Newell, Executive Director at Groundwork East

Read the signed version of James’ pledge