New ‘Hidden Hastings Heritage’ website goes live

Last year Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve secured National Lottery support to uncover local heritage and design a programme of activities and events across the park.  In May we launched the new website to share resources, news and events happening in the Park.

Groundwork, working in partnership with Hastings Borough Council has received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £277,000. This exciting project we’re calling ‘Hidden Hastings Heritage’ will take place over the next two years across the 853 acres of Hastings Country Park Nature Reserve. Made possible with money raised by National Lottery players, the project focuses on the hidden stories and physical reminders of the park’s varied and often little known past.

With the support of the National Lottery Heritage Fund award, the project will offer exciting new activities and events in the park for schools, community groups, local people and visitors. Activities will take place across the whole of the park and will help people to adventure through this unique and special landscape, many of them for the first time. The project will also bring to life the park’s history online and with physical pieces of interpretation and signage installed in a number of key locations together with improvements to access paths.

As part of the project people will be able to learn about and enjoy hidden stories such as the role of the park in the growth of Victorian Hastings, as home to RAF Fairlight, in the development of Radar during World War II and links to notable local figures like John Logie Baird and Marianne North and much more.

For further information please contact Heritage and Volunteering Officer or Education Officer