Groundwork Wales recognised for the effective management of volunteers!

Investing in Volunteers is the UK wide quality standard for organisations involving volunteers. It aims to improve the quality of volunteering experience for volunteers and to encourage organisations to better recognise the enormous contribution made by volunteers. Investing in Volunteers is managed in Wales by Wales Council for Voluntary Action.

Around 70 organisations in Wales have achieved ‘Investing in Volunteers’ to date, with about half of these having renewed the award (which is valid for 3 years) at least once. There are more than 800 achieving organisations across the UK (and the award is also now available in the Republic of Ireland).

Groundwork Wales was assessed against a range of best practice standards, and proved its competence in all aspects of working with its volunteers.

‘This award will increase the profile of our volunteers and our programmes, allowing us to stand out from other organisations in Wales, making our outreach to the wider community greater and wider’ said Nicole Jones, the Business Development Director at Groundwork Wales.