A photo of Callum, a member of the 2020 Youth Advisory BoardCallum, 20

“I know the impact Groundwork has on young people’s lives and in our current political landscape of uncertainty and social divide I believe that volunteering as a Youth Advisory Board member means I will be able to have such a positive impact on the generation of tomorrow.”



Photo of Guy, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardGuy, 17

“I’m an avid conservationist and public speaker, I’m part of the Avon Wildlife Trust and an #iwill ambassador. Youth participation and education is important for helping to combat all of the challenges we face in our natural environment. Two years ago I got involved with Groundwork as a Young Green Ambassador and now I’m proud to say I’m a part of their Youth Advisory board and I’m looking forward to the work we do in the next year.”

Photo of Holly, member of 2020 Youth Advisory Board

Holly, 23

“I was inspired to join the Youth Advisory Board to learn more about community action; how working together can inspire action at a grassroots level and unite communities behind a common cause.”


Photo of Jasmeen, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardJasmeen, 16

“By being a member of the Youth Advisory Board I hope to use a voice many people do not believe they have. Many of those who wish to see change, in a sense, feel they cannot do anything about it, and this is a doubt that I wish to help eradicate. Working with Groundwork, I would love the opportunity to make a change and let people see a real difference. I would love to be a part of that impact extending even further and focusing a bit more on the needs of future generations that are underrepresented and lack the means to reach their full potential.”

Photo of Kalila, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardKalila, 23

“Having been a volunteer for nearly ten years, I’ve seen first hand the positive impact it can have, and would love to take the opportunity to support others getting involved and experiencing that positive impact. Through being a member of the Youth Advisory Board I would like to meet like-minded people, develop my project management, conservation and creative leadership skills.”


Photo of Khizar, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardKhizar, 21

“Groundwork attracted me because it does a lot for young people and i want to be a part of that. From this experience i would like to gain some New skills and make a difference for young people.”



Photo of Kirsten, member of 2020 Youth Advisory Board

Kirsten, 17

“I love Groundwork as a charity, it encompasses so much of what I enjoy doing! I really enjoying experiencing the work of Groundwork Youth last year on the YAB and would love to continue being involved. Representing Groundwork at events and attending meetings where exciting things are planned are things I love doing, and I would love to continue this next year as well as developing my teamwork and learning more about campaigning and leading. Having a platform and a network of people to talk to about climate change, social justice and youth voice is really important to me.”


Photo of Liv, member of 2020 Youth Advisory Board

Liv, 22

“I think Groundwork’s a great charity.  I really like the work they’re doing to empower people in their communities to get the work done. I think that’s a really important message and sets a really good example for other charities on what they could be doing.”


Photo of Molly, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardMolly, 25

“The work that Groundwork does really appeals to me/. The UK is one of the richest nations on the planet, but the divide between those with and those without is ever growing. I am passionate about opportunities for everyone, regardless of background or circumstances, and would be proud to support an organisation who advocates for this too. I was also attracted to this role as it is an incredible opportunity to support the development of communication plans and advocacy and develop my communication and leadership skills in doing so.”

Photo of Taryn, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardTaryn, 19

“I really enjoyed being part of the Youth Advisory Board last year, and would love to keep developing my skills in campaigning and content creation. The Groundwork team is ace and I believe in the organisation’s mission and want to support it in the ways that I can.”


Photo of Usman, member of 2020 Youth Advisory BoardUmar, 22

“I have been enveloped in the nature and the outdoors for a long time and I would like to give something thing back to my community and planet while developing skills and knowledge and experience in all areas. I’d also like to meet new people and experience something new.”


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