East of England

The Groundwork Green Recovery

As described in Groundwork’s new document ‘‘Regeneration and a green recovery: Bringing people and nature back to town and city centres’’, our town and city centres are changing into places where we socialise and live. This means we need to bring together like-minded organisations to work together to keep the centres vibrant, safe, and attractive.

Groundwork has over 40 years of experience in redeveloping spaces and re-engaging local people with local places. We’re also experts in reaching those who may be hit hardest by societal changes, and connecting with those at the greatest disadvantages and who are most removed.

Our landscape architects design alongside communities, consulting them in the process, which empowers a community to take ownership of their place. Designs are sustainable, solve needs, and have reason; which benefit both local people and the environment.

Our team are experts in creating purposeful spaces; from skateparks and pocket parks to sensory gardens and sustainable urban redesigns; the design responds to the community’s needs.

Our community engagement team also bring people and places together. In Watford our team is starting a new project that will help residents to rediscover the River Colne, as well as learn to protect it, and to enjoy the river and it’s surrounding areas once again. In Luton our team is bringing local people together at community food growing hubs, where they learn how to cultivate and cook, as well as coming together socially.

Our team are experts at bringing people together in local places, to reconnect with nature, learn new skills, and improve their mental and physical health.

So, will you join us to take action? Now is as important as ever for communities to have a safe and enjoyable place to be. We can be your partner in the green recovery to provide places for communities to come together.