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Youth Climate Action

Groundwork have an ambition to support 3,500 young people in Manchester to be inspired and supported to learn, achieve and develop, as more active citizens and engage in environmental social action.

As part of Young Manchester’s Climate4Change programme our team of climate change specialists and experienced youth workers have developed a number of resources designed to support youth workers and community group leaders to deliver environmental social action with the young people they work with.

Handbook 1 provides an introduction to the theory behind climate change and provide links to session plans and online content which you can use with your young people.

Handbook 2 provides an introduction to social action and provide links to session plans which you can use with your young people.

Handbook 3 provides tips on how to engage young people about climate change when using social media.

In addition to these three handbooks, each of which contain links to valuable resources, we have also created a Social Action Journal which young people can use as part of their journey.

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These resources have been developed as part of the Climate Change Youth Sector Leadership programme.

For more information on this programme or for additional training support please contact Martin Krobath, Climate Action Lead at Groundwork Greater Manchester.

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