Groundwork London Old

Alan Smith

Alan lives in London Borough of Lewisham and has been a councillor in the Lewisham since 1998, focusing on environmental and planning issues, having been a member and Chair of the Environmental Sustainability committee and a member and Chair of both ordinary and strategic planning committees.  Since May 2010 he has been Deputy Mayor and Cabinet member for Regeneration, focusing on development, employment and transport in Lewisham.  He is currently a board member of TGLP, a member of London Councils Transport and Environment committee, a member of the Recycle for London Steering group and last but by no means least a long time trustee of Groundwork London.

Alan’s relationship with Groundwork began in 2002 when he was nominated to the board of The Groundwork Trust, Thames Gateway South, he has remained an active member through the re-organisations to the present time. His present nomination to the Groundwork London Board happened in February 2012.

Alan has developed extensive skills in dealing with both the public and private sectors, as he regularly meets with developers, employers, GLA members, council leaders from across London, MP’s and the occasional minister.  He represents Lewisham at the quarterly London Congress meetings with the Mayor of London.