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Kai's Story

I worked at Bee Urban, a social enterprise that aims to work with communities to improve the environment for the benefit of us all. Bee Urban focuses on responsible urban bee-keeping, horticulture, and community growing. I worked as an onsite assistant. My responsibilities included maintaining the garden and the workshop space in the building and serving customers throughout the day as they come to buy honey, candles, lavender water, and other popular products.

Kai #OwningIt

Throughout my work experience, I’ve learned a lot about myself and what is expected of me in the working environment, and my overall experience has been fun and educational.

Throughout my placement, I’ve learned how to use heavy equipment, preserve green spaces, and cut fresh honeycombs. I’ve also developed strong interpersonal and communication skills, which I used when serving customers.

We impacted our local community in many ways, for example, we invited people with mental health and well-being issues on sight to do gardening and other therapeutic activities. The therapeutic activities were designed to help the participants come out of their comfort zone and improve mental well-being.

I have learned how important it is to look after the spaces we use in our communities, together with how to maintain a beehive, how to put it together and maintain the upkeep of the garden so that it’s easier to grow things.

During my placement, I became an individual who is dedicated to completing all tasks to the best of my ability. I’m am now very open to growing and learning new things. 

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