Groundwork London

Jaleel's Story

I worked as a Project Assistant at Groundwork London on the IMPACT project. IMPACT is a community initiative within West London that helps refugees and non-EU migrants interact and flourish within their communities with others. My job was to develop creative activities such as Sway presentations I have created for the IMPACT project, complete administrative tasks and prepare sessions.

Jaleel #OwningIt

I have learned that the environment plays a big part in having good mental health and being more aware of the nature around me has improved my lifestyle. My placement has been an exciting experience, which has helped me develop a variety of skills.

During my placement, I learned a lot about the challenges faced by refugees and non-EU migrants, particularly the difficulties they have in finding work in a new country. I have recognised that many refugees are highly skilled and come to the UK to contribute. I also improved my computer and tech support skills, which I will take onto my next role.

IMPACT has helped to spread awareness of the challenges some refugees and non-EU migrants in the community face. It has also helped our participants feel more included in society and like they are part of the local community.

I learned how to effectively communicate with my colleagues as I found it difficult in the beginning being one of the newest staff members. I developed my professionalism and gained more confidence in myself, which has allowed me to feel comfortable communicating any ideas or concerns I had.

I have gained various skills, such as the ability to produce innovative ideas, problem solving skills and communication skills. I was also able to develop my graphic design and photography skills. My graphic design skills have been used to make social media posts and creative material for the project. 

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