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Kamile's Story

Kamile #OwningIt

From my placement, I feel more in touch with things going on in the rest of the world. Working with refugees has taught me about the many reasons people need to seek asylum and the many different places people come from.

I worked as a Project Assistant at Groundwork on the CIRCLE refugee project – but since lock down I had also branched out to assist on several other projects. My role included administrative tasks, 1-1 support of participants, and event attendance, support and hosting; both in person and and online since lock down. This experience has been very eye opening; working in NGOs is something I initially never saw myself doing, but I have enjoyed being in a position where I am able to help people. I had also become more in tune with the zero-waste movement and learnt a lot about the green economy.

The work completed positively impacted the community, my time was spent working at the Loop upcycling workshops; this project impacted the community by reducing flytipping which can hurt local wildlife and damage local reputation. I helped bring refugees and locals together in this space to improve community integration. When lock down started I also conducted buddying calls with our refugee participants to support them through social isolation.

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