Groundwork was founded in the North of England. It was at a time of political, social and economic challenge. It was an experiment. To help communities cope with change. To work together. To make their lives and neighbourhoods better. That spirit of enterprise and innovation have never been more needed.

In every community – however disadvantaged – there are deep reserves of pride. People with the passion and ideas to improve their circumstances and surroundings.

Groundwork exists to harness that pride. To unlock that passion. Our services, projects and programmes change people’s lives. They can also make our communities more resilient for the future.

Groundwork are an organisation that embraces transformation. We positively change places and people’s lives, in partnership where we can.

As a Northern group we turnover circa £20m employing over 450 staff. Here you can see the impact that we have made. What’s clear is that we have to create many more practical solutions in the years ahead.

Charity Registration Numbers

Groundwork Yorkshire 519846 | Groundwork NE & Cumbria 1017706 | Groundwork South Yorkshire 5772628 | Groundwork South and North Tyneside 1007918 |

Company Registration Numbers

Groundwork Yorkshire 2202681 |  Groundwork NE & Cumbria 2702815 | Groundwork South Yorkshire 1111393 | Groundwork South and North Tyneside 2592100 |