Northern Ireland

Story from NI Muslim Family Association

NIMFA were able to refurbish their premises with a grant from Aughrim Programme.

I knew of Groundwork from previous work and was delighted that NI Muslim Family Association (NIMFA) met the requirements of Aughrim’s Programme. Until 2018 NIMFA rented premises, following the successful purchase of the building, refurbishment became a priority.

The Aughrim programme is committed to improving space, this is a number one priority of our organisation as well as increasing community involvement. Improved space allows for increased and improved services, Groundwork and Aughrim have supported us with that.

Our building was in disrepair, continuous repairs and maintenance would have prevented us from fully investing in a refurbishment project. Thanks to the support of Aughrim and Groundwork we have been fully able to engage in our refurbishment strategy. I have enjoyed seeing the physical outcomes and structural change, as well as experience the excitement and appreciation of our community as they see the work occur and the building transform.

There is a positive difference being made for our community. I hope that Groundwork is able to continue to support our community and other organisations who are making positive social impact and change for communities and individuals.