Leaders of Tomorrow

Mentoring young people to achieve their full potential

Leaders of Tomorrow is a personal development and leadership programme for young people. Young Leaders take part in a tailored personal development journey which aims to increase their capacity, build on their networks and connections to help realise their full potential.

By taking part in this 24-week programme, the Young Leaders will be guided towards setting out personal goals and given the tools and skills required to achieve those goals. The programme will be focused on individual progress. Each Young Leader is supported throughout their journey by a mentor who is matched to their needs and interests.

We have run this programme with two cohorts for young women and we are now tailoring the programme for a cohort of young men. If you are interested in taking part in the programme, partnering with us or you work with a group of young people who might be interested in taking part as Young Leaders, please get in touch info@groundworkni.co.uk