South of England

Corporate Volunteering South

Whether you’re looking for a one-off challenge day, or a longer term programme of volunteering, we’re confident we can offer your employees a unique volunteering experience. They’ll learn new skills, strengthen team relations and gain a great sense of achievement, while directly supporting local communities.

Who will you be supporting?
By volunteering with us, you can be sure to have a lasting impact on peoples lives and the environment. Many of our volunteering opportunities will benefit the whole community through enhancing and improving local open spaces for all to enjoy. However, we also work with residents and communities who are experiencing multiple challenges, including low income families or those who are facing barriers into employment or those at risk of social isolation. If you would like to support a community or group of people facing specific challenges through your volunteering, please let us know.
Where will the volunteering take place?
We manage a number of Country Parks and Nature Centres in the south of England and also have close ties with community groups and organisations who are seeking to improve places in their neighbourhoods. The volunteering days could take place in sheltered accommodation gardens, school grounds, open spaces on housing estates, country parks, woodlands, nature reserves and wetlands.
Do your employees need any special skills or knowledge?
No previous skills, knowledge or experience are required. Our experts will guide you and support you to learn new skills during the day. On the day, volunteers usually split into a number of teams who work on a range of different tasks and often rotate tasks over the course of the day. Your employees could gain skills in habitat management, biodiversity, horticulture, landscaping, food growing, carpentry or decorating depending on the type of activity you choose.
What are the benefits of volunteering with us?
From our experience and feedback from corporate partners, we know your business and employees will benefit from volunteering with Groundwork. Your business can develop valuable links with local communities and make a positive and visible impact. Team relations are strengthened and morale boosted with everyone finishing the day with a genuine sense of achievement.
How do I make it happen?
As a charity, Groundwork charges our corporate partners a fee, which directly covers the cost of organising and facilitating the event. This fee is determined by the type of volunteering day, where it takes place and the size of your employee group. Get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to find the right volunteering opportunity for you and your employees. Contact  

Corporate volunteering locations

These are just a few of the locations where we can host corporate volunteering. Contact us directly to enquire about any of these or to find a location that works for you.