Life skills and employment


Groundwork achievement coach supporting a school pupil

We develop tailored local initiatives with housing associations, major employers, schools and colleges and also run major programmes on behalf of local and national government. We have a strong track record of working in those areas that really need extra support, and of going the extra mile in inspiring people to think differently about their futures.

Our services

  • Employment advice and support
  • Training courses and work experience
  • Support programmes tailored for groups facing particular challenges, such as people with disabilities and care leavers

Our strengths include:

  • People-centred: Our values as a community charity mean we provide a safe, friendly and supportive environment to all. We take a person-centred approach based on ‘coaching and caring’.
  • Neighbourhood connections: We’re ideally placed to reach people who need support through our networks of local partners and connections with local employers
  • Job creation: We provide work experience and create jobs within our community programmes, for example through ‘green teams’ improving local environments or social enterprises adding value to the local economy.
  • Lived experience: We employ people who have faced their own challenges as leaders, helping us design and deliver targeted programmes around the needs of people with particular barriers such as care leavers, refugees or people with a history of offending.
Employment Advice and Support

Employment Advice and Support

We provide employment advice and support to thousands of people every year. Our work ranges from small local initiatives working with targeted groups to large-scale employment support programmes.

Training Courses and Work Experience

Training Courses and Work Experience

We provide short courses, traineeships and work experience opportunities that provide a pathway towards employment and help ensure people have the skills needed to match emerging opportunities in the workforce.

Tailored Programmes

Tailored Programmes

We have developed tailored approaches to working with groups facing particular challenges such as people with criminal convictions, refugees, people with disabilities and care leavers.