Groundwork UK

Our role is to add value to Groundwork’s local activities by developing relationships with national partners, funders and commissioners, accessing resources and managing programmes of local activity delivered by Groundwork Trusts and others.

We act as Groundwork’s national voice in the outside world, sharing our local experience with others, and we help all parts of Groundwork gain the benefits of being in a federation by providing opportunities to collaborate and learn from good practice.

We run programmes, initiatives and campaigns that contribute to Groundwork’s mission to transform lives in local communities and manage a range of grant programmes providing funds and support to local community groups.

Our Board

Our board of trustees is responsible for ensuring we deliver our programmes and activities ethically, safely and cost effectively. The majority of our trustees are appointed from the boards of our member Groundwork Trusts. A number of independent trustees, including our Chair, are co-opted by the board to broaden its skills base or to enable us to benefit from specialist expertise or networks.

UK Committee

Our UK Committee supports the work of the board by overseeing the development and management of our national policies, programmes and partnerships.

Youth Advisory Board

We also benefit from the views of our Youth Advisory Board, who bring their perspective to the way we develop and deliver our programmes, campaigns and initiatives.

Our management team

  • Chief Executive – Graham Duxbury
  • Director of Programmes and Partnerships – Sarah Reece-Mills
  • Director of Finance and Corporate Services – Paul Viles
  • Head of Contracts – Andy Harrison
  • Head of Policy & Communications – Garry Campbell

Our commitments

Everything Groundwork UK does is underpinned by our values, which inform the way we work and behave.  We will be environmentally aware and focused on communities in need.  We will be collaborative, show integrity and strive for quality in everything we do.  Our decisions, actions and operations are also guided by our sustainable development policy, which sets out how we aim to contribute to creating a strong and just society living within environmental limits.

As a charity dedicated to supporting people who may be vulnerable we are committed to ensuring our operations are delivered safely and to the highest ethical standards.  We have a Groundwork-wide commitment to effective safeguarding and aim to meet best practice standards in terms of management, governance and transparent reporting.  We are committed to equality and diversity, provide an inclusive working environment and aim to ensure our decision-making is informed by the vies and feedback of those we support.

We have relationships with many different kinds of people and organisations in delivering our projects, programmes and services.  Our partner  charter  sets out the standards you should expect when you work with us.  Our fees and charging policy and subcontracting policy aim to ensure that we are fair and transparent with partners who are contracted to help us deliver our programmes.

Through our programmes we often support teaching and learning.  We are committed to ensuring we and our partners deliver high quality support to learners that helps them progress as far and as fast as possible.  Our Quality Improvement Plan contains details of the steps we are taking to ensure we maximise the positive outcomes for all those people we support.

2021 Groundwork UK Annual Report and Financial Statements