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Interserve worked in partnership with Groundwork to help communities across the country by donating materials and staff time to Groundwork projects. 

The partnership used surplus materials to help Groundwork carry out community projects while supporting Interserve’s commitment to the environment by cutting waste.

Just as importantly, the materials were accompanied by the expertise of Interserve’s staff volunteering their time on site to help Groundwork create projects that had an even greater impact on the communities they help.

Tim Haywood, Group Finance Director and Head of Sustainability at Interserve said:

The vision of this partnership with Groundwork, a hugely respected charity, is to drive change in behaviour and attitudes across our business, our supply chain partners and local communities. We hope to do this by recognising the value of surplus material that is generated as a by-product of our business activities and by starting to treat waste as a resource and an opportunity, rather than a cost or a problem.

This scheme is an exciting element of our plan to embed sustainability at the core of our operations and by working collaboratively with our partners, takes us further to becoming a sustainable business.

Barlow Road, Wednesbury

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