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Jean's story

Jean lives in a two bedroom flat in Wrexham. After becoming increasingly concerned about the rise in her energy bills she asked the Green Doctors to help her take back control.

"Living on my own, it’s important to do all I can to keep my energy bills down.

"I’m on a smart meter for my gas and electric which is good as I like to keep an eye on what I’m using. I talk to my friends regularly about what they pay for their bills and my water bill seemed a lot higher than theirs.

"I am very thoughtful about how much water I use and take measures such as not washing up my dishes until the bowl is full. However, as I suffer from arthritis, I find that by standing under a warm shower for long periods of time helps with the pain, so it’s important to me that I get the best possible price for my water usage. 

"Dave, the Green Doctor, recommended that it might be beneficial for me to have a water meter fitted and has set the ball-rolling with who I should contact. He also gave me a ‘flush saver’ bag to put in the toilet cistern that helps stop as much water being wasted when it’s flushed and can save me up to £10 a year. I was also given some energy savings bulbs which will help me save money even further.

"It was great to learn some energy saving tips as you’re never too old to learn something new. The visit was definitely worthwhile – I’ll definitely be recommending the Green Doctors to my friends!"

The project was funded as part of the British Gas Energy Trust 'Healthy Homes' programme which offers free support to households living with fuel poverty and suffering from long term or chronic health conditions stay healthy and warm.  

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