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Jordan's story

I’ll tell you what; I used to be a lot different.

"When you’re just playing your game, you don’t think about anything else. You forget about the past.  It just doesn’t matter. Ten hours, twelve hours a day. repeat, repeat repeat.

"I had a fit and passed out. I was in the hospital for two days but they couldn’t find anything wrong on the MRI’s - they just told me to stop playing on the PlayStation as much. 

"I lived in my game, not in the real world. I haven’t seen my mother in six years. I hated school as I got bullied. I didn’t have a role model and I just didn’t think about what else was out there.

"I didn’t think about the environment, I didn’t know anything about it.

"But I’ve got a reason to get out there now.

"I started the River Restoration Course here at Groundwork. Hywel (Groundwork’s Project Officer) and I go out doing loads of different stuff. We’ve been all over South Wales.  Literally – we’ve been everywhere!  I just want to go to more places like this.

"I want to climb that mountain.  I want to climb other mountains.

"Think of it this way – if you’re helping one thing, you’re helping another. The more insects means there is more food for the fish. The more fish means there is more food for otters. I’m helping the river but it’s also helping me.

"Hywel makes me feel like I can achieve stuff if I really put my mind to it. It makes me feel good that we’re actually improving the environment. It made me feel like ‘yeah, this is what I want to do now; I just want to go into this.’

"Everything involved in the whole course at Groundwork, it’s all helped. All of it. It’s a good story...

"And I’m looking forward to what’s next."

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