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Kane's story

Kane volunteers for Groundwork East as part of the Green Aiders team. The programme helps elderly, disabled, or vulnerable adults take control of their overgrown gardens through a one-off gardening service to help prevent burglaries and vandalism that an unkempt garden can attract.

“I started volunteering with the Green Aiders in February 2016 and over the five months I’ve already learnt so much about gardening.

“Before I started volunteering I used to spend a lot of time at home which I found to be quite boring at times. Since joining the Green Aiders team I’m out and about so much more, learning new things. It’s even helping me with my own garden which is a bonus.

“One of the best things about volunteering is working outside in the air as I find it very therapeutic. I enjoy working in a team too and getting to know them better.

“When we take on a garden we focus on weeding and tidying it up and planting flowers is people want us to. One of my favourite things to do in a garden is the strimming. I was on a project a few weeks ago where the grass was so high I had to strim the whole garden across three lawns. But it was worth it. It’s great to see people’s reactions after we’ve finished their garden and you can see the excitement in their face.

“I can definitely see myself doing more work like this in the future. I really enjoy what I’m doing – it feels great to be making a difference.”