Who is it for?

Green Dragon Level 2 is ideal for organisations that have made a commitment to improving environmental performance and are starting to embed an Environmental Management System in the workplace.

What you need to do

1. Register of Compliance – Identify environmental legislation that applies to the organisation and its activities

2. Managing Legal Compliance – Document and demonstrate compliance with environmental legislation

3. Emergency Preparedness – Develop plans for controlling environmental risks and emergencies

4. Internal Communication & Competence – Ensure staff are aware of their roles and responsibilities within the EMS

5. Environmental Records – Keep records to demonstrate that the EMS is functioning


· Demonstrate to stakeholders that your organisation is taking action to improve environmental performance

· Reduce risks of prosecution

· Demonstrate legal compliance

· Positively engage staff in business improvements


Organisations wishing to register for Green Dragon Level 2 must also achieve the requirements of Green Dragon Level 1.

If you meet the standard’s requirements you will be issued with a certificate and your details will be registered on the Green Dragon website.

Your certificate will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

In recognition of reaching this stage of environmental management, organisations can also display the Green Dragon Logo on their corporate literature.