Who is it for?

Green Dragon Level 3 is aimed at organisations that are actively managing their environmental performance through an EMS.  This level is ideal for Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs), particularly where operations are undertaken on a single site with close management control.

What you need to do

1. Environmental Aspects register – Establish a register of “Environmental Aspects” – organisational activities that can and do result in impacts on the environment

2. Evaluation of Environmental Aspects – Evaluate environmental impacts to determine which are most significant, a life cycle perspective should be considered when determining environmental aspects

3. Control of Environmental Aspects – Identify and implement measures to control environmental impacts

4. Pollution Prevention – Produce a pollution prevention plan

5. Objectives & Targets – Set objectives and targets for the EMS to improve environmental performance, implement at least one auditable Objective and Target pursuing economic and /or social improvements within the framework of Sustainable Development.

6. Addressing Sustainability – Implement at least one auditable Objective & Target

7. Monitoring – Monitor environmental performance and rectify issues

8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Data (Scope 1 & 2) – Calculate, record and publish annual quantities of CO2 released through energy consumption, transport and activities under the direct control of the organisation

9. Environmental Statement – Produce an environmental statement

10. External Communication – Develop a procedure for external communication


· Demonstrate to stakeholders that your organisation is improving its environmental performance

· Reduced risk of environmental incidents

· Environmental performance improvements embedded into business objectives


Organisations wishing to register for Green Dragon Level 3 must also achieve the requirements of Green Dragon Levels 1 and 2.

A level 3 audit will also cover levels 1 and 2.  Re-certification visits may require less time.  If you have received consultancy support from a Green Dragon consultant your site audit will not be undertaken by that person.

If you meet the standard’s requirements you will be issued with a certificate and your details will be registered on the Green Dragon website. Your certificate will be valid for 1 year from the date of issue.

In recognition of reaching this stage of environmental management, organisations can also display the Green Dragon Logo on their corporate literature and are eligible to purchase Green Dragon Environmental Standard Plaques for display.