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Louise's story

Louise has been volunteering at Silverdale Country Park for over four years. Since retiring, volunteering with Groundwork has had huge benefits to Louise’s health and wellbeing and allowed her to continue supporting the local community.

“I’ve been volunteering with Groundwork for four and a half years now.

“I used to work in the community but when you retire, you lose part of who you are. I enjoy coming here. It’s very social, it’s very physical and you feel like you are doing something for the community.

"Now when people ask what I do, I say: “I volunteer.”

“Volunteering with Groundwork has had a huge impact on my health and wellbeing. It makes you feel good when you’re out in the fresh air and you’ve got endorphins going round you. It’s exercising and it’s meeting new people. It’s so important.

“We work with children at the local school and together we have planted over 7000 trees. These children didn’t know what an acorn was or what an oak tree was and we were able to help them learn.

“We have lots of students who come along and volunteer at the project. It helps them to build their knowledge, learn new skills, and develop their social skills. We had one student volunteer who was very quiet but volunteering helped him to come out of himself and now he has become a ranger.

“It’s about feeling part of something. It’s brilliant.”