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Major Gifts

The support we receive from major donors allows us to invest in communities throughout the UK and bring people together to become involved in protecting, improving and managing the environment on their doorstep.

What your gift will do

Your gift will help us to work with vulnerable communities and find the practical solutions to the challenges they face and provide them with a brighter future.

Improving peoples prospects
We believe no one should be disadvantaged because of where they live or because of their background and we are committed to stopping talent and lives from being wasted due to long-term unemployment.

Creating better spaces
Every year Groundwork helps hundreds of thousands of people of all ages to organise and work together to protect, preserve, improve or create parks, play areas, allotments, nature reserves and many other spaces that matter to them.

Greener living and working
It is a stark reality that global environmental challenges impact first and worst on those people and communities that have least. We help people and organisations to make choices and changes that deliver practical benefits now and sow the seeds of a more sustainable future.

Recognising your support and building long-term relationships

We work closely with those individuals and their families who make significant gifts to identify areas of our work they find of interest and provide the level of communication they are happy with.

In addition to sending regular update reports on our projects and future plans, we offer a number of further opportunities to bring you closer to our services and the people whose lives you are helping to improve:

  • the opportunity to meet the people we help in communities across the UK
  • recognising your gift in our impact report or other publications
  • attending our events and briefings nationally
  • meeting like-minded people who share the same passion and interests in Groundwork 
  • naming opportunities

Ambassador Network

The Ambassador Network is a new group of philanthropists who are willing to provide their time, money and influence to help us have a lasting impact on people’s lives.

Becoming an Ambassador we offer you the following:

  • access to exclusive news and content within Groundwork
  • event programme – bespoke field visits to Groundwork projects across the UK
  • annual reception – the chance to meet other Groundwork Ambassadors
  • quarterly newsletter updating you on global news relating to Groundwork’s mission
  • relationship managed by one of our team members

Thinking of making a major gift or want to enquire further about becoming an Ambassador?

Please contact Nicola McQuilkin to talk through your areas of interest and at the same time Nicola will be happy to talk to you about Groundwork’s priorities for 2015 and potential projects that may inspire you.

Please call Nicola on 0121 236 5817 or email at