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Making your CSR budget work harder

Do you want your CSR budget to work harder?

By involving the right partners and leveraging funds we deliver projects that make the most difference. We typically magnify investment by a factor of 3:1*.

We agree with Einstein that, “Not everything that counts can be counted. And not everything that can be counted, counts.” However, sometimes it is helpful to be able measure our impacts on society. That is why we have been working with researchers at Sheffield Hallam University who found that every £1 spent on a project activity by Groundwork generates £3 of physical and human benefits, representing ‘high’ value for money.

When our corporate partners invest in social projects they need to feel reassured that their investment in projects will provide meaningful returns. Groundwork is a trusted partner to business because we understand the need to manage risk and maximise opportunities. Through our federation of trusts across England and Wales, we bring knowledge of local communities and networks, a strong track record of delivering projects over 30 years, and a proven ability to measure the value of our work.

Making your investment go further
A defining feature of our approach is that by using funding from our partners, we can magnify its value by leveraging funding from elsewhere. Corporate support helps us to use funding creatively and lever in significant amounts of other money to create bigger, more ambitious projects with resulting reputational benefits for all partners.

We provide excellent sponsorship opportunities for companies to make a visible difference to local communities, be this in community parks and gardens, environmental education activities, school grounds improvements and training schemes for young people. We have plenty of ideas and knowledge of what communities need most, but we are equally happy to listen to your ideas and tailor a programme that directly aligns with your CSR needs and objectives.

Working together
Of course, project sponsorship is only one way to engage with Groundwork. We offer a range of options to suit every type of business:

  • We help companies bring their CSR programme to life through employee and community actions
  • We provide outstanding corporate volunteering and team building programmes
  • We run environmental awareness initiatives for employees and suppliers
  • We provide landscape design and maintenance services for business in their premises while training unemployed young people in landscape design
  • We offer work experience placements for graduates and apprentices
  • We help companies develop environmental management systems and deliver projects aimed at helping them to adapt to and mitigate climate change
  • We promote partnerships with local authorities and other local influencing bodies

If you would like to discuss how we can help your CSR agenda deliver tangible benefits for your business and community, please get in touch....

Contact: Sarah Reece-Mills, Head of Partnerships
0121 237 5843