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Marks and Spencer

Groundwork works in partnership with Marks & Spencer to help the retailer to make its Plan A environmental policy a reality.

Spend It Well
Spend It Well (previously Spark Something Good) brings together staff, stores and customers to make a real difference. Alongside other charities and a range of other activities, M&S staff and customers have the opportunity to get involved in their community through environmental improvement projects with Groundwork.

Groundwork has also worked with Marks & Spencer on two major projects, Greener Living Spaces and @myurbangreen, which saw places transformed and communities given the confidence to make the changes they want to see in their neighbourhoods.

Mike Barry, Head of Sustainable Business at M&S said: 

There is no better delivery partner in this field than Groundwork. They have a first class network of people on the ground. That's been hugely beneficial to M&S; together we've delivered 100 Greener Living Spaces and a legacy programme that is engaging communities and changing the face of green space across the UK.


@myurbangreen helped communities to shape the development, maintenance and management of their local green spaces.
Groundwork green space co-ordinators, funded by M&S, gave more than 5,000 community volunteers the skills to act on local issues, recruit volunteers and design and deliver activities and events to raise the profile of their work.

Greener Living Spaces

Greener Living Spaces, a major UK-wide programme of environmental improvement projects, was funded by M&S from the 1.85p profit realised from the 5p food carrier bag charging scheme. More than 100 parks, play areas and public gardens around the UK were improved and more than 10,000 people were involved in local projects, along with a further 1,200 M&S employees.