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National Citizen Service

Groundwork National Citizen Service (NCS) is an oppportunity for 15-18 year-olds to have an adventure, learn new skills, make new friends and make a difference tot their communities.

It runs outside term time in spring, summer and autumn and has three parts:

1. Outdoor activity week – a week staying at an outdoor activity centre and taking part in activities like climbing, rafting and canoeing .

2. Getting the team back together to plan a project to improve the local area. This usually involves staying away from home in university style accommodation.

3. Putting the plan into action and completing the project.

"We want to ensure that we are a part of the community and that people don’t just see us as just rowdy teenagers. We all want to use our time well to break down those barriers." 

Find out more about how NCS changes the lives of young people by reading Sophie's, Cerys' and Jamie's stories. 


Groundwork is one of the partners running Pathfinders, a new string to the NCS bow that aims to target a more diverse range of young people to enroll in the programme.

The approach will deepen NCS’ reach into all communities by introducing new curriculum models as well as recruiting via channels outside of mainstream schools and colleges in order to attract young people from all backgrounds into the programme

Groundwork is running the programme over Autumn 2016 across Wigan, Leigh, Warrington, Hampshire, London and Nottingham. 

To find out more about NCS click here or contact your local Groundwork Trust to see if NCS is available near you.

For specific information about Pathfinders please contact Jon Wells on