We connect the ideas and aspirations of communities with the strategic aims of public bodies, establishing initiatives that ensure resources are targeted where they’re most needed and where they can have maximum impact on people’s quality of life and life chances. 

As an organisation with its roots in local, place-based partnerships, we work creatively and collaboratively to support the development of a stronger civil society, and to ensure those people whose voices are seldom heard, have a stake in decisions about the services and facilities that matter to them. 

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Sustainability Services

Sustainable Business Consultants in factory

Carbon reduction & net-zero services

Our Sustainable Business Consultants review, assess and provide independent advice on energy & waste, supporting the public sector to calculate their carbon footprint and identify opportunities for improvement.

Carbon Literacy Training

Environmental training courses

Our team deliver a range of
environmental training courses, including Carbon Literacy, which help local authorities develop the knowledge and skills to deliver on their environmental commitments.