We help children, families and the wider community become better connected with nature and learn more about the big issues affecting our environment locally and globally. That means promoting environmental awareness and action on issues such as litter, waste, air pollution, healthy food and the protection of green spaces.

We work with people of all ages and backgrounds – for example using practical environmental projects as a focus for early years provision or for helping involve asylum seekers with the wider community.

We think everyone needs to get outdoors more: taking part in structured activities in green spaces is proven to benefit children’s development, helps people manage health conditions and can combat anxiety and loneliness. Helping people to understand and value their local environment means they are more likely to join the dots and realise the need to tackle our bigger global challenges.

Our work includes:

  • Outdoor play: promoting natural play and family activities in parks and green spaces can help increase the confidence of parents to explore the countryside on their doorstep
  • Family learning: activities such as crafts and food growing bring families together to learn more about nature and the environment
  • Holiday help: we offer environmental programmes as a way of supporting parents through the school holidays and keeping young people focused on positive activities in their community
  • Awareness campaigns: we work with local grassroots groups to inspire and mobilise action on issues such as waste, air pollution and energy saving.