Northwich BID Launches Interactive Map

Aerial view of Northwich

The Northwich Business Improvement District (BID) has launched an interactive map of the town centre on the Visit Northwich website.

Showing the locations of businesses and their opening times, the map has been created to make it easier for people to plan a trip to Northwich and also discover different shops and retailers.

Each business listed has its own mini profile which provides contact details and links to websites and social channels where applicable. Businesses on the map are also categorised by an icon which makes it easier for people to see which sector they operate in.

Icons include independent retailers, national retailers, office based service industry, hair and beauty, banks, hospitality, health, charities, supermarkets, betting shops and other miscellaneous businesses. Users have the option to click on a specific sector, such as national retailers, and this then only shows the businesses that fall under that category which makes it easier for users to view and also navigate the map.

The creation of the map is part of the Northwich BID’s aim to create a unique shopper and visitor experience for the town and to help businesses reach out to more customers as Northwich adapts to a new normal.

Northwich BID Manager Jane Hough has spoken about the introduction of an interactive map to the Visit Northwich website and the reasoning behind its development.

We’re very pleased to finally launch an interactive map for Northwich town centre which we have been planning to develop for some time.

“It is now much easier for people to see where businesses are located and also discover new ones thanks to the in-depth categorisation which has been included. It is still a work in progress though and we will be making additions and tweaks going forward to make sure it is optimised to be as effective and accurate as it can be.”

Take a look at the map for yourself here: