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Oteya's story

Our Bright Future ‘Green Leaders’ project has helped Oteya, 18, to not only learn more about how she can help the environment but has helped to improve her confidence in a really positive way.

"Since being involved in the Green Leaders project I have become so much more interested in the environment.

"I first heard about the programme through the Youth Club I attend in Crumpstall and it's allowed me to be involved in so many different activities.

"We have made bird boxes, tyre planters with flowers and a bench that we have set up at the back of the Youth Centre. We have also been on a number of trips that were really fun, and the whole time I’ve learned more and more about my role in helping my local area and the local environment. 

"I really enjoyed the volunteering that we did in Hulme. I got to show some school children how to make a flower bed and it was amazing. I’d definitely do that again, especially as I’m thinking about going into childcare as a future career.

"The programme has helped to increase my confidence so much. When I first came to Youth Club I was shy and I didn’t really talk much. But working with my friends and the youth workers on different things helped me so much to come out of my shell and socialise more.

"Going to the Manchester Youth Council’s 'Youth Buzz' Awards at the Manchester Town Hall was massive deal for me. It made me feel good that the things we’d done had been noticed and that we were making a difference. I couldn’t believe it when we won the Eco Award! I don’t even usually wear heels and going up to get the award in front of all those people was scary, but it was such a special moment. It’s something I’ll always remember.

"I’m taking what I’m learning and sharing it with my friends and family so that we can all do more to help heal and save the planet. If we all did one small thing, it would go a long way to reversing climate change."

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