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Our 2020 pledges

The next five years will present huge challenges for society.  As the economy recovers, continued reductions in public spending mean there is a risk of greater social inequality and greater geographic disparity.  

Some people in some parts of the country will feel more confident and aspirational while others will remain marginalised and vulnerable.  Environmental impacts - from flooding to energy price rises - will impact disproportionately on those who have least.  Universal services in many communities - from youth clubs to parks - will feel the brunt of spending reductions and require new ideas and approaches with communities and businesses more engaged.  

By 2020 Groundwork will:

  • IMPROVE PEOPLE'S PROSPECTS:  by increasing the confidence, skills, well-being and employability of those furthest removed from the labour market, in particular young people.  
  • CREATE BETTER PLACES:  by helping people work together to make their surroundings greener, safer and healthier and get involved in the way decisions are made about services in their area.
  • PROMOTE GREENER LIVING AND WORKING:  by helping people learn more about their environmental impact and act responsibly to reduce natural resource use.  

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