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Our Bright Future - Green Leaders

Groundwork is working across the UK to deliver our part of 'Our Bright Future', a youth-led environmental programme that is designed to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders. 

Green Leaders 

Groundwork’s 'Green Leaders' programme is set to give around 900 disadvantaged young people (aged 14-19) a stepping stone to future employment by recruiting them to lead local environmental projects. 

The young people involved will play a key role of raising awareness and preparing local communities for climate change as well as preparing for their own futures as they are taught the practical and social skills, experience and confidence needed to be ready for employment.  

The project will be run across the UK in Northamptonshire, West Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the North East targeting urban and rural locations with high levels of deprivation and youth unemployment. 

Groundwork is also working across London to deliver 'Welcome to the Green Economy' - a scheme set to engage 700 young people across 70 secondary schools in London by showing them how to undertake environmental audits in their schools, providing training and work placement opportunities and introducing those involved to the diverse range of career options in the green sector. 

To find out more please visit the Our Bright Future website.

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Or watch Subhan's inspiring story below: