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Our impact in 2016-2017

Our impact in 2015-2016
We help people across the UK to carry out thousands of projects each year. Tackling climate change. Helping people out of fuel poverty. Bringing out the best in young people by helping them to improve their local area. Building stronger communities by improving green space. Getting people back into work and creating green jobs.

Last year alone we:

Invested £62 million into communitiesGroundwork UK Impact Report 2015-2016 infographic

Carried out 3,500 projects

Helped 3,000 into education, employment or training

Improved or maintained 19.3 million m2 of land, benefiting 492,000 people

Visited 43,000 households to help them reduce waste through energy and water efficiency

Helped people to avoid 8,500tonnes of CO2 emissions

Diverted 3,000 tonnes of waste from landfill

Supported adults and young people to carry out 263,000 days of social action in their communities.

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Read the full report here:

To download a copy of the impact report please click here.

Beyond the numbers

One of the main highlights of the report is Groundwork’s commitment to create the next generation of 'Young Green Leaders', such as young volunteer advocates Cassidy and Jamie.  

It also tells the story of people like Elwyn who thanks to a visit from Groundwork’s Green Doctors has seen his energy bill lowered by more than £900 a year and Sean who has taken on a healthier, happier lifestyle by volunteering at his local allotments. The review features Louise who volunteers at her local country park in Stoke and Kane who volunteers with the Green Aiders project across the East of England, helping elderly, disabled or vulnerable adults manage their gardens. 

Sandra who in her own words 'At one time could have been dead – now I’m alive' tells her story following the support from Groundwork’s Roots to Wellbeing programme that helps people who are long-term employed to improve their health and help them find work. Cedric, a young apprentice from Hertfordshire also speaks about how working with the Green Team is helping him to gain horticultural and life skills in order to get a foot on the career ladder and start his own gardening business.

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