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Phil's story

Rectory Amateur Boxing Club owner, Phil Brennan is just one of the people who has benefited from the DHL UK Foundation - Transform It! programme after DHL employee, Nick Winder secured funding to help revamp the club.  

“I’m a strong believer that if you want to make a difference to society then you have to start at home.

“When I was younger, I was fortunate that people around me set up boxing and football clubs so I could get involved with sport and discover my passion for boxing. Now I’m in a position to do the same, I think it’s important that I offer those opportunities to young kids also. It’s gone full cycle.

“When I first visited the building it was a disused, broken space that was always getting broken in to but I knew that it had the potential to create something special. It’s important to steer young people in the right direction, and clubs such as the Rectory ABC help with that. I’m keen to get more girls involved as it’s not just a sport for boys; I want the club to be accessible to all.

“Boxing is a way of life – you have to be dedicated, training five days a week. Some of the young members used to truant and were on the verge of getting expelled from school and the club has helped to turn their lives around. We also have a partnership with a local business to provide a direct line for our unemployed members to help get them into work and training. It’s the perfect outlet for young people who need a focus to get on in life.  

“It was great having a helping hand from Nick and other DHL colleagues and the funding has enabled me to buying new gloves, head guards and other equipment that will help members no end.

“I know that the kids appreciate the club – it’s more than a sport, it has helped to change lives.”

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