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What is the Eco-Challenge?

The Eco-Challenge is a fun and informative environmental challenge for your staff team to participate in while working from home. Aligning with many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the set of fun educational activities will raise the awareness to participants to the global environmental challenges we face, and introduce them to a range of simple pro-environmental behaviours; helping them to live more sustainably at home and to save money.

Some of the challenges have a competitive element, with entries judged by the Groundwork team and a range of eco-prizes up for grabs. The Eco-Challenge can be played individually or in teams of up to 6 participants, with leaderboards showing who is racing towards the title of the ‘greenest team’ in your business.

Why take part?

During the summer months, many staff teams get involved in team building activities in their local communities. The Eco-Challenge provides something different but with all the associated benefits of team connectivity and team building.

The sustainability behaviour change advice in the activities will benefit your staff and the planet. Eco-Challenge participants can expect to have their utility bills reduced and to feel a great sense of achievement in helping tackle the climate crisis and other associated environmental problems. Participants have also stated they are more likely to commit to workplace greening initiatives, something that is more important for businesses than ever before.

The activities can be accessed either as an employer ‘paid for activity’, a participant donation/fundraiser, or a combination of both. We’re happy to explore the best route for you. Whichever way you go, the Eco-Challenge funding will support Groundwork COVID response projects helping the most vulnerable across the capital.

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