What are Green Doctors

Groundwork’s Green Doctors help households stay warm, stay well, save money on their household bills and reduce carbon. Our aim is to support the people who most need our support and our staff are as good with people as they are with technical knowhow.

These are some of the free services we offer when someone signs up for a Green Doctor consultation:

  • Identifying causes of heat loss in the home
  • Helping identify and tackle damp or mould problems
  • Offering useful tips for saving energy and water whilst ensuring your home stays safe and comfortable
  • Installing small energy and water efficiency measures, such as draft excluders
  • Supporting you to switch energy providers to save money
  • Supporting you to access other support, such as emergency heating, government subsidies or grants, advice on energy or water debt.




It’s hard financially when it’s the winter months. Having small children as well, it’s important to keep warm. The Green Doctors came and showed me how to save energy, apply for grants and put reflective panels behind the radiators, which helped a lot.

Register for your telephone consultation:

To book a free telephone consultation with one of our Green Doctors, you can:

  • give us a call at 07771 362 853
  • self-refer for a telephone consultation filling this online form (if the person you would like to refer does not have access to the internet, you or a third person could fill the form on their behalf)

Click here to register for your free consultation: https://www.groundwork.org.uk/cadent-foundation-green-doctor/