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Haydon Drive

Groundwork London on behalf of Hillingdon Council are exploring the possibility of improving the green spaces and environment in, and around, Haydon Drive, Hillingdon.

Flooding and water-logging are serious issues and so we have been commissioned to conduct a feasibility assessment on ways sustainable urban drainage, (or SUDs), can help manage localised flooding. There is a possibility that SuDS work in this area could have a positive effect on the wider environment, such as the potential to reduce the flooding of Joel Street Ditch.

So what can you do?

We’d love you to take a moment to fill in our survey to help us identify where you think are the areas most at risk of flooding on your estate. We would also like to ask you some questions about other green space improvements you would like to see should funding become available. Perhaps you’d like natural play facilities, areas for food growing or something else, we’d like to hear from you!

Have your say

We know that at this difficult time it is not suitable to run face-to-face engagement events. That’s why we have created an online survey so you can feedback remotely. Please complete the online survey before 31st July.

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If you would like to receive more information about this project, or would like to receive a hard copy of the design ideas, please contact:

What are SuDS?

SuDS (Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems) have a part to play in ‘climate proofing’ our city. Not only can they reduce the risk of flooding, but they also provide the opportunity to create more visually interesting and biodiverse green space.

Rather than rain running off sealed roofs and hard roads into gutters and storm-water drains or directly into rivers, SuDS replicate natural drainage by slowing the flow, ensuring most of the rain water soaks into the ground. This is a key way to reduce the mounting pressure on London’s sewers, and rivers, as extreme storms and downpours become more common. They also can provide additional benefits for both people and wildlife. For more information about SUDs please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

Want to know more about SuDS?

There are many forms of SuDS with a wide range of benefits. With London already experiencing changes in its climate SuDS will become increasingly important. Please follow the links below for information and visuals on SuDs in action!

Ever wondered where the rain goes?

This animation illustrates the variety of SuDS systems are in use and how they work together to manage water flow.

Check out this great infographic from Susdrain about SuDS approaches and the benefits of installing them.

Groundwork loves SuDS!

Groundwork London has devised and completed numerous SuDS projects, often spanning whole estates. For a flavour of the work we do please read our final report and watch our video on one of our flagship projects at Queen Caroline Estate:“SuDS at Queen Caroline Estate, Hammersmith and Fulham”

Take a look at the Project Report for Queen Caroline project or watch this short film: